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I am a Networked Professional


When it came to write this last blog post for the first time this term I felt stuck. It is not the first time in my Graduate program that I have felt like I do not know how to put the words on the page to explain my thinking but it was the first time that when I had felt that way before writing a blog post. I turned to Facebook to help me clarify my thoughts. As I started to comment back and forth I realized that I was living as a networked professional. I was using my network to help me move forward.

How have I become a more networked professional?

Blog Posts that document my development as a Networked Professional

Blog post that demonstrate Getting Help to Connect

I asked Sue Waters to look at my blog and provide me with feedback.

Hi Jackie

Always happy to help!

I’m thinking it is probably worth moving the Subscribe by email option and options to how you can connect (with you) higher on the sidebar.

I feel conflicted about the theme.  This is a very good theme and I like it.  It’s also a popular theme.  But it is hiding your tagline. If you are happy with the theme I would keep it as it is clean and easy to read.

Those are the main things I can spot!  Hope that helps?

On Sun, Nov 10, 2013 at 1:27 AM, Jackie Sakatch <> wrote:

Hi Sue,

If you have a moment I was wondering if you could look over my blog and make any suggestions for improvement.  I would appreciate any advice that you have.  I am looking forward to connecting with you again on Monday.

Thank you

Jackie Sakatch

Blog Posts that demonstrate my connection with others through comments

Blog posts where I explore Open Access and Open Education

Blog post that reflect on course content and explore new ideas and tools.

Examples of my Professional Learning Network

My class partnered with a grade 11 class from Johnson Collegiate this term. My class and I sent a tweet out about our reading buddies experience. The following is what happened on Twitter once I shared our story.

I used the #eci831 hasttag and shared interesting articles and my blog posts on Twitter.  I used the #eci831 tagboard to help me keep track of tweets from my peers.   I asked questions and commented on posts of my peers on the Google + community.

The blog has had views from a variety of countries around the world including Spain, Australia and the United States.  I currently have twenty people following my blog.  My blog stats tell me that my blog has been viewed 629 times and 149 comments have been made.

Over the last few days I have had a conversation with my administrator about starting a school Twitter account. I have used Google Earth to take a virtual field trip. At the beginning of the term I felt that the filing cabinet was closed but now I feel that I have started to integrate technology into my teaching practice. I also feel that I have found supportive connections to help me when I am stuck.  I am proud of my accomplishments and I am excited to see how my teaching practice will continue to transform.

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by Karl Koenen



The Scoop on & Flipping with Flipboard

I wanted to experiment with and Flipboard.

I created a  about Chris Hatfield and Social Media.  I choose Chris Hatfield the  topic for my because following his Twitter feed and You Tube videos inspired me as a teacher.  If he share his experience from the International Space Station what could I share here on Earth.

I found easy to use once I got started.  The one hint I have for new users is to make sure that you turn off the twitter feed when you publish your scoop articles or you will fill your Twitter feed.  My husband thought I was displaying stocking tendencies.

I think I will use in my classroom when I want to collect articles about a topic and share them with my students.  I think  It will be a wonderful way to share current events.

Originally I was going to upload the Flipboards I have created but I discovered that you are unable to access Flipboard from a laptop so I am going to see if I can edit a post I have created on my laptop on my iPad.

Flipboard for android

These are  the Flipboards that  I created.   I created  an Educational Inspiration magazine with a few You Tube videos I like.  I added my Twitter, Flickr andInstagram feeds.  I also created a blog and blogging magazine as well as one for #eci831 Open Education and Social Media.

I will need to do more research to see if there is a way to make the Flipboard Magazines visible in my blog.  I think that Flipboard is a powerful tool but I need to practice more to make the best use of the organizational features it provides.  I am thinking that it is like a big filing cabinet where you can organize your information.  I want to know if it is possible to add your own blog links or other information.  Using Flipboard is a work in progress for me.  I am open to any tips or tricks you might have.


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