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Frustrated and Inefficient

on October 20, 2013

I retweeted this link this morning. I thought that 100 Twitter accounts for Teachers would be a wonderful way to build my Professional Learning Network.  I did find a few people that I was already following like Sue Waters  , Alec Couros, and George Couros.  I found a number of interesting people to follow on twitter including Angela Maiers and Chris Wejr.  As I was going through the list of suggested Twitter accounts I must admit I became frustrated by the process of clicking on a Twitter account listed on the website, following them on Twitter and then returning to the Tweet to get back to the website to click on the next account to see if I was interested.  I wished a subscribe to all accounts option was available and then I could have looked through the new followers and unfollowed accounts I did not want to connect to.

Today I started to work with my son to develop his digital identity.  He wants to create a YouTube channel so that he can post videos and share them with the world.  I decided to create this channel through my Google account so that I would have control over the comments and the content that he is able to post.  Before doing this we discussed the possibilities that someone might leave a mean comment and what we would do about it and how it would make him feel.  We talked about the possibility that if the comments made him uncomfortable we might have to change the settings on the account so that he felt safe.

Once I felt he was prepared we started to create the YouTube channel.  He had specific ideas about what he wanted to call the channel he has been talking about this for the last two months.  I went into my Google account to create a channel for him.  Then I started to upload the first  video from dropbox to  YouTube.  It uploaded but it was not full screen.  I then tried editing the video in iMovie and then sharing them on YouTube.  That did not work.  So I saved it to my Camera Roll on my phone and tried uploading from there to YouTube.  That got the video to my account on YouTube but not into the Awesome Tube 2 channel.  After some searching I tried downloading the video from my channel to my computer and then uploading it from my computer to Awesome Tube 2.  The video is still processing.

I imagine there is an easier way.  I hate this feeling of having a bunch of steps to follow but in the end I still don’t end up with the information where I wanted it.  Why is it so difficult to move a movie from my phone to YouTube?

138/365 Frustrated.


15 responses to “Frustrated and Inefficient

  1. tamimoffatt says:

    I simply admire that you kept trying!if success by definition is what occurs after periods of failure without giving up, you must be close!

  2. I might have figured it out. I am using dropbox now and uploading for there. It is slow but is working. One thing I did learn is that I have to hold my phone landscape instead of portrait.

  3. Which version of iMovie do you have? The newer ones share directly to Youtube and is usually pretty straight forward.

    • iMovie version 1.4.2 is what I am using. I can get it to upload to YouTube but it goes to my account. I cannot seem to send it the the second channel that I created within my account. I attached Ben’s channel to my google account when I set it up. That might be the problem.

  4. gregb says:

    Your perseverance will pay off Jackie. I find there is a lot of trial and error when learning new technologies especially when trying to use multiple technologies; in your case recording the video uploading to dropbox then to Youtube. The full screen thing is probably related to how you recorded the video. I now record all videos on my phone in landscape mode after finding out what you did with white space along the sides. I have not uploaded a video from my iphone to Youtube but have done so with my ipad. The explain everything app I used had the ability to upload to Youtube right from the app. Good luck.

    • gregb says:

      I had similar experience yesterday Jackie. While my daughter was in her choir practice I decided to make some posts for EC&I 831 using my iphone. I am frustrated that I cannot post from my phone to blogger blogs. WordPress works fine. So, I had to email myself the blog comment posts. Then when I got home I had to copy the text, find the blog posts (Lindsay and Jessica) to comment on and then paste my comment. Luckily I only had to make 2 posts this way but it is still frustrating and it takes away from the convenience and mobility.

  5. Thank you for the encouragement and support everyone. The next video I make will be in landscape mode luckily my son has a long list of videos he wants to create for his channel so I will get lots of practice.

  6. Jade Ballek says:

    Your blog post is so reminiscent of my own experiences as a graduate student! Whether trying a new tool, learning a new skill or trying to understand a new concept, learning can be a painful process. But, strangely enough, by the end of my own graduate journey, I began to see my failures as an important part of the learning process.
    Now, don’t get me wrong; I am still not a big fan of being frustrated, but I do see its value too 🙂

    Here are some of my thoughts that may connect to your own experiences:

    Good luck with the learning!

    • Thanks for sharing Jade I appreciated and enjoyed your blog post. One of the biggest shifts for me this week is the idea of time and when my learning has to be “complete” be December 4th. I have realized this is a transformative experience a much like the Play, Art and Narrative summer institute and the groundwork and supports that I build (PLN) will carry me into the future.
      I will always be learning.

  7. Sounds like you have done some great troubleshooting to get things to work. There always seems to be more than one way to get things to work. Good for you for persevering.

  8. […] Frustrated and Inefficient ( […]

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