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Wordle: Communities

Dr. Richard Schwier shared his insights into communities and the factors that effect communities development online.
Dr. Schwier points out that we all have a need to connect. I think over at the beginning of twentieth century people connected in small localized pockets that they could travel to and from in day. Today I have the advantage of being able to connect with someone in another part of the world within seconds. The speed which I am able to connect may have increased but I believe the basic principles of community have stayed the same. People continue to use boundaries to help make them feel safe and as they begin to trust others in the community they slowly reveal more about themselves and their believes and practices.

I believe an advantage of participating in a community that stretches beyond the confines of registered course participants is that the authentic connections that are made will continue to support the development of my teaching practices beyond the four months of this course. Teaching can be a lonely experience but with an active Professional Learning Network I will be able to ask for and give the support that is needed.

Until Tuesday I had never realized the support that I could receive from developing a strong, supportive Professional Learning Network.


A new way of learning.

I was nervous starting #eci831.  I had never taken an online course and I wondered if i would miss the face to face interactions with my peers.  As I learn more about online learning and listened to Daphne Koller TED talk about Coursera I was amazed by the possibilities of global education and connectedness.  I had never thought about taking a class with people from another university yet along taking one with people from all over the globe.

I wonder what discussions about education would occur in this format?   I realize that part of the experience of #eci831 will introduce me to a connected learning environment.  I wonder how it will transform my future professional development?  I wonder from whom I will be able to access courses without leaving the comforts of my home?  I wondered about what possibilities if any does this type of program structure has for Early Childhood Education?

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