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Taking the First Steps.

on October 6, 2013

En Marche

I have been pondering the first step that I want to take to open the filing cabinet in my classroom.  I am trying to decide between starting a classroom twitter account or introducing my children to a small number of blogs and teach them to comment on those blogs.  The blogs that I would start with are Mrs. Cassidy’s Classroom Blog,  a teacher in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan who has written the ebook Connected from the Start:  Global Learning in the Primary Grades which I have purchased and plan to use a Mentor text.   Mme Fraser’s Blog who interned in my classroom last year and because I am teaching a number of children for a second year has a relationship with the children.  I have also selected Mrs. Maley’s Classroom Blog because it was highlighted in the Leader-Post recently.   The class has access to our classroom blog which I write but would like to eventually turn into a shared writing experience with the children in my class.

Sue Waters presented to my #eci831 class on October, 1, 2013 and spoke about the importance of not only creating content on blogs but also being a consumer of content and participating in the community.

The reasons for starting with twitter is that it is a quick way to community the activities that my class is doing with others.  Twitter could give my class a larger and more diverse audience faster than reading and responding to my small preselected blogs.

When I woke up this morning my initial idea was to send out a tweet

asking what other people thought.  I decide that I am going to send out this tweet.   I am also going to post it on the #eci831 google+ community and create this blog post.  I am curious about the different comments I will receive in each of the forums.  I am wondering which forum will provide the most insightful comments and where do I feel the most supported.


9 responses to “Taking the First Steps.

  1. Hi Jackie,

    I enjoyed reading your post because it shows your initiative in applying our class learning to your job as an educator. I like the idea of having your students comment on other blogs already created. It sounds like you have an idea ready to go there. I would like to try something similar with my students. I liked that you sent out a tweet looking for feedback because that’s where I clicked on your blog. Hope to see future blog posts surrounding your decision with either blogs or Twitter!

  2. Thanks Jessica. I am glad my tweet worked. I would be interested in hearing what your try with your students and how it works for you.

  3. Sue Waters says:

    Hi Jackie

    “I am wondering which forum will provide the most insightful comments and where do I feel the most supported.” – my experience is that people will provide feedback using their own personal preference. Generally you’ll find comments on posts are longer and more in depth. While you might have more responses on Twitter but they are more likely to be short. Google+ may be longer responses. I’ll often ask the person if I can repost their comment on my blog if they’ve provided a longer response in Facebook or Google+ and I have reflective comments on my blog. This helps everyone see them in one place.

    My gut instinct is most of them have probably created their class twitter account after they’ve been blogging for awhile. However, it is hard to say as we’ve seen a big increase in class and school twitter accounts this year. I’m gradually adding class twitter accounts here as I am made aware –

  4. […] week my class started to comment on other classroom blogs as I outlined in my post Taking the First Steps.  I was excited to see how the children would react to connecting with other classrooms.  Friday […]

  5. […] I understand the power of twitter to connect with other professionals, ask questions and share. […]

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