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The Filing Cabinet

on September 13, 2013


The beginning of EC&I 831 is going to begin in half an hour.  I have checked the Google + website, login into the Blackboard program and think I am ready to go.  The course begins and Alec starts to speak.  I cannot hear him.  I panic and ask my husband to come and fix it so I can hear the video.  With a few quick clicks, he manages to get me sound.  I promised myself when I became a teacher that I would never be the teacher that did not know how to work the latest technology.  I never wanted to be standing in front of a class saying I do not know how to work the technology in the room.  With what I would call a boom in technology I feel myself falling behind and not sure what to use, how to use and how to be efficient with technology.    My solution has been to hide the technology available to me in the filing cabinet.  When I have tried to incorporate computers into my grade one /two classroom the log in process has frustrated me.  By the time, everyone has logged in successfully an hour has passed.  The children have played some web-based games, some of the computers have accessed the internet others crash or require numerous updates.  I know that I need to use technology to prepare my students for the world they will live in but I need to do it in an efficient manner.

This past year each classroom received an iPad.  My seven-year-old son loves our iPad and teaches me something new about how to use it every week.  Right now, we are unable to connect our iPad to the data projector we have because we do not have the correct cable.  We also have not figured out how to add apps to the iPad without giving out access to the school credit card so it sits in the filing cabinet waiting for a plan.    My goal for this class would be to free the technology that is available to me from the filing cabinet.  I would like to become proficient with technology so that it does not take me three tries to get something the way I envision it.  I also want to fulfill the promise to myself and not become that educator who is afraid or unable to use the technology provided for them.



7 responses to “The Filing Cabinet

  1. Ferrah says:

    I think you have hit upon a major issue we have currently in schools. We tend to be provided with these amazing tools (like the Smart Tablet that never escaped from the box at our school last year) without be afforded real, meaningful education on their use and the TIME to experiment, explore and practice. It is easy to feel overwhelmed. I know I do!

  2. Lindsay says:

    What a lovely post Jackie! I totally agree with The Filing Cabinet. The newest toys and tools are constantly being pushed at us, without any consideration given to how much time it takes to become familiar with it and be comfortable using it. I think training is a huge issue as well. I would love to use the technology, but I don’t have the time to figure it all out for myself. I hope that someday you will be able to open up that filing cabinet and set that technology free!

  3. amandahassen says:

    Time, training, and time to play while in the presence of an “expert” make up the keys on the ring to integrated tech success. The problem is time! A few years ago when asked by my grade two students what I wanted for Christmas, I told them all I wanted was time. They got a good kick out of that!

  4. Thanks everyone. I am hopeful the filing cabinet will open up this term.

  5. […] goal for this term was to develop an understanding of how to use social media and open education with children in grade one and two  and to begin to use the material I was using in my classroom and at home with my son.  When I […]

  6. […] I have used Google Earth to take a virtual field trip. At the beginning of the term I felt that the filing cabinet was closed but now I feel that I have started to integrate technology into my teaching practice. I […]

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